Step 1
First of all, we discuss a project with you: terms, scope of work, concept, number of angles and 3D models.
After that you provide:
- A plan with furniture
- Project materials (collages, references, wishes, and surface scan)
- 3D models from the site *
- Reference numbers of furniture in case of the items do not have 3D models
- Accurate or approximate arrangement of angles on the plan with furniture
* On the site you can find almost any reference number of furniture for your project. Owing to this resource your project will be completed as soon as possible.
Step 2
From my side:
- I ask clarifying questions about your project
- I evaluate the implementation time and the estimated fulfill time
- I am in touch on any communication platform which is convenient for you in order to timely resolve the arising project related issues (any social network or messenger)
- Do my work
- Send you first pictures with 1500х1050 pixels resolution in gray material
From your side:
- Announce adjustments to the project
- Make a prepayment for the room, which is of 50% of the price**
After the funds has been credited I apply your adjustments to the project and then I along with you finish the project to get the final result which will be sent to the customer
** In case of urgency of the project and / or NDA, the price is discussed separately.
Step 3
We send finished pictures with the 3500 pixels resolution on the wide side to the customer and wait for their response.
If necessary, we carry out up to three iterations of customer's edits of the room. In case of the limit is exceeded the price for the work is discussed separately.
We approve the final result with the customer. You pay the remaining 50%, and after that I send you the final pictures. Voila, that is done!
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